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LARC Data Repository Access Rules


The data can be downloaded under the following conditions:

  1. Applicants to complete the required Application Form. By submitting the form, you have acknowledged to abide with the LARC Data Repository Access Rules.

  2. Applicants must have a scientific affiliation and confirm that under no circumstances the data will be used for other than purely scientific purposes as per indicated on the application form.

  3. Applicants must indicate the end date of dataset access on the application form. Upon expiry of the data access period, you are required to submit a new updated application if there is a need to extend the access period for your research work.

  4. Applicants have acknowledged that he/she does not possess or has the intention to acquire other sources of dataset which can be used for applying de-anonymization techniques on the requested data from LARC Data Repository.

  5. Data will only be made available upon receipt of the duly completed application form and subject to LARC internal approval process. Successful applicants will receive a link and password enabling them to download and extract the data.

  6. Data users are not allowed to make copies of the data available to others and/or enable any third party access to the datasets. Anyone wanting to use the data must contact LARC directly to request a copy of the data.

  7. Access to the data will only be granted on an individual basis. Each person working on a scientific project and/or publication using the data has to complete and submit the application form separately.

  8. Data users are requested to provide references to all written papers using the acquired data. The citation section of the acquired dataset specified the paper(s) for listing.

  9. Data users are also requested to cite the datasets and include the basic literature on LARC research and methodology in the bibliography corresponding to the dataset they used in the paper.

  10. In case of doubt whether or not the data have been used for purely scientific research, LARC will decide whether to revoke the dataset access permission and pursue legal action.

  11. In using the data, applicants agree to comply with the Singapore Personal Data Protection Act (“PDPA”) and to comply any directions that LARC/SMU may provide regarding the use of the data to ensure compliance with the PDPA.

For applicants unable to access the online application, please download the application form.


Last updated on 23 Aug 2021 .