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Research Seminars






  • 01 Dec
    Truth Discovery: Overcoming the Uncertainty in Multi-Source Data
  • 24 Nov
    Simplifying Poisson Processes for Non-parametric Methods
  • 22 Nov
    Skin Image Analysis for Personal Identification
  • 21 Oct
    Concept-Level Multimodal Ranking of Flickr Photo Tags via Recall Based Weighting
  • 22 Aug
    Which Investment Advice Do You Follow? Studying the Moderation Effects in Social Media Stock Opinions on Stock Return
  • 25 Jul
    Food for Thought: The Impact of m-Health Enabled Interventions on Eating Behavior
  • 12 Jul
    Ecosystem for Trajectory Data Mining: Data Collection, Knowledge Discovery and Applications
  • 01 Jul
    How Addicted to Facebook are You? Mining Online Social Data for Detecting Social Network Mental Disorders
  • 24 May
    Answering Questions from Twitter
  • 13 May
    Incentives for Eliciting Information
  • 14 Apr
    Analyzing Image Tweets in Microblogs
  • 21 Mar
    Data Exploration and Analytics with Elastic Stack
  • 29 Feb
    Knowledge Representation Meets Machine Learning (Session 3)
  • 22 Feb
    Some Promising New Technologies for Smart Mobility and Smart Cities
  • 02 Feb
    Insights on the Access Control Mechanism for Cloud-based Collaborations and Reliability Assessment of Vehicular Participatory Sensing Network
  • 08 Jan
    Recommendation Services for Location-Based Social Networks


  • 05 Dec
    LARC Workshop on Smart Nation Through AnalyTics (SNAT)
  • 04 Nov
    A Meme is Not a Virus: The Role of Cognitive Heuristics in Information Diffusion
  • 18 Sep
    LARC Workshop on Machine Learning and Data Sampling for Big Data
  • 28 Oct
    Novel Particle Filter for Real-time Prediction of Human Distributions in Urban Area: A Case Study of Disaster Victims in Tokyo
  • 05 Oct
    Modeling and Exploiting Review Helpfulness for Summarization
  • 10 Jul
    LARC Workshop on Experimental and Econometrics-Based Data Analytics for Business and Consumer Insights: Learning from New Research on Mobile Advertising and Product Popularity
  • 07 Jul
    Saving Patient Ryan — Can Advanced Electronic Medical Records Make Patient Care Safer?
  • 03 Jul
    Edge Ranking in Graphs: Implications for Scalable Graph Analytics
  • 26 Jun
    Trend Filtering: Recent Advances and Challenges (Talk 1)
    Privacy-for-free: Stochastic Gradient MCMC with applications to Differentially Private Movie Recommendations (Talk 2)
  • 16 Jun
    Learning from the Offline Trace: A Case Study of the Taxi Industry
  • 27 May
    Privacy Techniques for Big Data: The Pros and Cons of Syntatic and Differential Privacy Approaches
  • 25 May
    The Power of Social Network Analysis in Organizations – Part 2 (LARC Master Class Series)
  • 15 May
    The Power of Social Network Analysis in Organizations (LARC Master Class Series)
  • 17 Apr
    Recovering Household Preferences for Digital Entertainment
  • 16 Apr
    The Monetary Value of Twitter Followers: Evidence from NBA Players
  • 15 Apr
    Solving Multi-Agent Path Planning by Local Search Algorithms
  • 27 Mar
    The Promise of Differentially Private Social Network Analysis
  • 24 Feb
    Twitter, MyFitnessPal and #FoodPorn: Using Social Media for Healthy Lifestyle Tracking
  • 29 Jan
    Unbiased Sampling of Node Pairs over Large Graphs
  • 12 Feb
    From Detecting Volatility Shifts on Data Streams to Citation Analysis
  • 07 Jan
    Recommender Algorithms for Mobile Apps


  • 23 Oct
    Microblog Opinion Mining for Trend Analysis and Recommendation
  • 03 Oct
    Building Smart Social Systems
  • 12 Aug
    The Promises and Pitfalls of Demographic Inference in Social Media
  • 08 Aug
    Controlling Privacy Loss in Crowdsourcing Survey Platforms
  • 13 Jun
    On Privacy Attacks and Defence Mechanisms in Online Services
  • 10 Jun
    LARC Workshop on Business, Consumer, Social Analytics using Web and Social Media
  • 14 May
    LARC Workshop on Empirical Research on Media and Consumer Behavior
  • 17 Apr
    Media, Community, and the Social Photograph
  • 17 Mar
    Toward Effective yet Impartial Altruism: A Fairness-aware Loan Recommender System for Microfinance Services
  • 06 Mar
    Single-Step and Sequential Multi-Agent Decision Making
  • 27 Feb
    Workshop on Living Analytics: Analyzing High-Dimensional Behavioral and Other Data from Dynamic Network Environments
  • 27 Feb
    Selective Search of Large Text Collections
  • 06 Feb
    Transforming Big Data into Smart Data: Deriving Value via Harnessing Volume, Variety, and Velocity using Semantic Techniques and Technologies
  • 22 Jan
    The Building Blocks of Data Science


  • 12 Dec
    Thread Discourse Structure Analysis of Web User Forum Data
  • 10 Dec
    Graph-based Approaches for Social Media Mining
  • 20 Sep
    Probabilistic Latent Space Modeling of Large-Scale Networks via Triangle Motifs
  • 04 Sep
    Media-aware Quantitative Trading Based on Public Web Information
  • 30 Aug
    Crowdsourcing Data Analytics
  • 15 Aug
    High-level Search: From Hyper-heuristics to Algorithm Selection
  • 02 Aug
    LARC Workshop on Mobile and Networking Systems
  • 01 Aug
    LARC Workshop on Social Network Analysis and Mining
  • 25 Jun
    Flexible QoS Management in Web Services Orchestrations
  • 14 Jun
    Quantifying Privacy Loss in (LB)OSNs: from Personal Attributes to Geolocation Trajectories
  • 03 Jun
    Multivariate Density Forecast Evaluation: Smooth Test Approach (Job Market Paper)
  • 28 May
    LARC Workshop on Analytics for Business and Consumers Insights for the Use of IT in Telecommunications and Financial Services
  • 20 May
    Retrieving and Analyzing Location-Aware Information by Sensing Data
  • 10 Apr
    Asian Consumers – Understanding Their Diverse Needs
  • 04 Apr
    LARC Seminar on Ontologies and Information Extraction
  • 01 Mar
    Why Do Liberals Drink Lattes?
  • 28 Feb
    A Fictitious Play Approach to Complex Systems Optimization
  • 19 Feb
    LARC Seminar on Understanding and Managing Human Flows using Analytics
  • 31 Jan
    Machine Learning Methods for Multimodal Information Access
  • 21 Jan
    A User-Centered Collaborative Mobile-Learning Framework for Music Education and Training


  • 27 Nov
    Enriching the Web with Reading Level Metadata
  • 26 Nov
    Using signal quality information to improve pattern classification
  • 24 Oct
    A Large-Scale Real-Time Closed-Loop Experiment with a VoD System
  • 10 Oct
    Understanding Human Behaviors from Large Scale Real Life Datasets
  • 01 Oct
    LARC Industry Workshop
  • 25 Sep
    LARC Workshop on Network Science
  • 07 Sep
    Usage Data in Web Search: Benefits and Limitations
  • 17 Aug
    Detecting Influence in Social Networks
  • 30 Jul
    Data Stream Mining and its Applications
  • 25 Jul
    Behavioral Analysis and Prediction in Social Networks
  • 06 Jul
    LARC Workshop on Mobile Systems and Sensing
  • 15 Jun
    Preference-Based Multi-Objective Optimization
  • 10 May
    Modeling Time Series Data for Classification
  • 08 Jun
    LARC Workshop on Exploring Online Environments: Video Rentals, Online Gaming, Mobile Payments and E-Procurement Negotiation
  • 05 Jun
    Privacy Preservation for Social Network Analysis
  • 04 May
    MMobile Data Mining: Analysing Real-Time Streams on Mobile Devices
  • 18 Apr
    Data Glut: Dynamic Structures and Project Tools in Aid of Overload
  • 05 Apr
    Outsourcing Information Security: Contracting Issues and Security Implications
  • 03 Apr
    Communicating Information on Social Network Sites
  • 27 Mar
    Social Media & IR Applications
  • 26 Mar
    SCION: Scalability, Control, and Isolation On Next-Generation Networks
  • 12 Mar
    When the Internet meets Context-Aware Computing: User-Context Module Design
  • 06 Mar
    Effective Searching of RDF Knowledge Bases
  • 17 Feb
    LARC Workshop on Network Modeling and Mining
  • 10 Feb
    Computation Intelligence for Optimization
  • 13 Jan
    LARC Workshop on Information Systems and Consumer Insights
  • 10 Jan
    Detection of Informative Patterns in Multi-Dimensional Transaction Data


  • 12 Dec
    Cloud + Mobile: It Rains Opportunity
  • 22 Nov
    LARC Seminar on Social and Music Information Processing
  • 21 Nov
    Learning about Human Behavior in Space, Time, and Strategy
  • 18 Oct
    Concentrating Hyperlink and Visitor Traffic: Bandwagon Effect in an Anime Blog Network
  • 05 Oct
    Advanced Informatics for Business Intelligence 2.0
  • 27 Sep
    Computational Modeling of Individual and Group Performance, and its Applications: A Study of MMORPGs
  • 17 Aug
    Multimedia Data Mining
  • 12 Aug
    LARC Workshop on Decision Analytics
  • 11 Aug
    The Effects of Altruism and Spite on Games in Social Networks
  • 08 Aug
    Analyzing the Demand and Survival of Mobile Applications: The Case of Apple’s App Store
  • 18 Jul
    LARC Workshop on Mobile Systems and Applications Research
  • 14 Jul
    A Social Capital Perspective of Participant Contribution in Open Source Communities: The Case of Linux
  • 11 Jul
    LARC Workshop on User Privacy and Security
  • 06 Jul
    Improving Aggregate Recommendation Diversity Using Ranking-Based Techniques
  • 23 Jun
    The Hybrid Trees and Their Applications in NLP
  • 19 May
    Data Provenance Management and Similarity Query over Uncertain Data
  • 16 May
    Towards Mobile Intelligence: Activity Recognition and Beyond
  • 13 May
    A Distributed Open Software Router: Architecture and Analysis
  • 11 May
    3-D Virtual World Education: An Empirical Comparison with Face-to-Face Classroom
  • 21 Apr
    Nonparametric Bayesian Models for Unsupervised Learning
  • 30 Mar
    Knowledge Discovery and Information Management in Massive Networks
  • 24 Mar
    Distributed Constraint Optimization Problems: Model and Algorithms
  • 18 Mar
    Advanced Analytics and Optimization (AAO) Framework to Solve Complex Real World Problems
  • 10 Mar
    Connecting online, meeting offline: Relationship initiation through computer-mediated communication
  • 24 Feb
    Social networks and the wisdom of crowds

Last updated on 10 Feb 2020 .