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Disentangling Hate in Online Memes

ACM Multimedia 2021, 20-24 Oct, 2021

Roy Ka-Wei Lee, Rui Cao, Ziqing Fan, Jing Jiang and Wen-Haw Chong

A Large-Scale Benchmark for Food Image Segmentation

ACM Multimedia 2021, 20-24 Oct, 2021

Xiongwei Wu, Xin Fu, Ying Liu, Ee-Peng Lim, Steven C.H. Hoi and Qianru Sun

On Predicting Personal Values of Social Media Users using Community-Specific Language Features and Personal Value Correlation

ICWSM 2021 - The 15th International Conference on Web and Social Media, 7 - 10 Jun, 2021

Amila Silva, Pei-Chi Lo and Ee-Peng Lim

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Last updated on 01 Sep 2021 .