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Research Projects

  • Urban and Community Liveability
  • Personalized Urban Mobility
  • Jobs and Skills Intelligence
  • Smart Consumption and Healthy Lifestyle
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Career Preference
Careers are more rewarding if it fits your personality type. Find your career preference based on your personality type.
QAAD: Question Answering System Across Domains
This application of Question and Answering is based on a domain focused design.
DOCQA: Document Based Question Answering System
This application of Question and Answering is based on a document search design.
Generative Pre-training Based Cooking Recipe Generation and Evaluation System
The app aims to help: (a)job seekers wanting to ask the right salaries, and (b) employers interested in settng the appropriate salaries to attract applicants
Text2Calories aim to develop machine-learning models to automatically estimate nutritional values of food items with minimal information.
Visualisation system correlating data from different sources (LTA DataMall, NEA weather services) to study Singapore's traffic conditions and trends.
SG MRT 2012 vs 2016
Comparing between 2012 and 2016 MRT system using real EZ-link transactions to understand the impact of new lines on passengers' traveling experience
NDR 2016 Insights and Analyses
Social media insights on National Day Rally 2016
A unified experimentation platform, enabling randomized online controlled experiments in easy way and with minimal human effort
Job Analytics
Gaining insights to Singapore Job Data
Eat & Tell
Eat & Tell helps researchers conduct studies to learn about people's eating attitude and behavior by integrating online food diary with customized surveys
FoodAI™ offers the cutting-edge deep learning food image recognition technologies for advancing AI in food and healthcare, particularly for Singapore local food
A Context-aware Mobile Crowdsourcing and Logistic experimental app, built to better understand consumer attitudes and behaviours.
Skill Wikifier
Skill Wikifier automatically extracts skill mentions from an input job posting and links them to Wikipedia articles
Task Detection Demo
Task Detection App automatically extracts tasks from an input job posting
Singlish Checker
This demo checks whether a given sentence is an singlish sentence or not. In addition, it also identifies singlish words in the given sentence
One stop portal to help you find suitable jobs in Singapore
A course recommender system aims at providing personalised suggestions to guide students in choosing and planning their courses

Last updated on 02 Mar 2022 .