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Role of AI in Singapore’s Smart Nation plan shared at SMU AI conference

SMU Provost Prof Lily Kong highlighted how the roots of AI research in SMU started many years ago in its various labs: its Living Analytics Research Center (LARC), LiveLabs Urban Lifestyle Innovation Platform and Fujitsu-SMU Urban Computing and Engineering Corporate Lab (UniCEN).

Invited Talk

Ee-Peng LIM, Personalized Participatory Nation Through Data Analytics, International Forum 2016 on THEME “KNOWLEDGE, INFORMATION AND DATA IN OPEN ACCESS SOCIETY”, Tsukuba City, Japan.

Exhibition Showcase. Singapore International Cyber Week – GovernmentWare 2016

Booth 15A, Suntec Convention Centre, Hall 401, 402, 403, 404F

Open Data in Singapore

The government’s open data portal ( houses data sets from 71 government ministries and agencies, including over 350 data sets related to health originating from the Health Promotion Board, Health Sciences Authority and Ministry of Health. Singapore has also used the data portal as a means for catalyzing citizen engagement around available data, though, for example, the Data in the City Visualization Challenge, which asked citizens to tell “your Singapore story using data.” As Professor Ee-Peng LIM, Director of Living Analytics Research Centre, Singapore Management University, describes, “Singapore is heading toward an effort to use both public and private enterprise data to innovate her economy as well as her society. This is currently the mindset of the government, as well as the nation.

Last updated on 04 Sep 2018 .