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Journal Papers




Learning with Differential Privacy: Stability, Learnability and the Sufficiency and Necessity of ERM Principle

Journal of Machine Learning Research, (forthcoming)

Yu-Xiang WANG, Jing LEI and Stephen FIENBERG

Orienteering Problem: A Survey of Recent Variants, Solution Approaches and Applications

European Journal of Operational Research, (2016)

Aldy GUNAWAN, Hoong Chuin LAU and Pieter VANSTEENWEGEN, 255(2)

Inference Using Noisy Degrees – Differentially Private β-Model and Synthetic Graphs

Annals of Statistics, (2016)

Vishesh KARWA and Aleksandra SLAVKOVIC, 44(1)


An Empirical Estimator for the Sparsity of a Large Covariance Matrix Under Multivariate Normal Assumptions

Annals of the Institute of Statistical Mathematics, (2015)

Binyan JIANG, 67(2)


Robust Bayesian Graphical Modeling Using Dirichlet t-Distributions

Bayesian Analysis, (2014)

Michael FINEGOLD and Mathias DRTON, 9(3)

Understanding the Paradigm Shift to Computational Social Science in the Presence of Big Data

Decision Support Systems, (2014)

Ray M. CHANG, Robert J. KAUFFMAN and Young Ok KWON, 63(July 2014)

How to Conduct Distributed Incomplete Pattern Matching

IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, (2014)

Siyuan LIU, Lei KANG, Lei CHEN and Lionel NI, 25(4)

Inducing Customers to Try New Goods

Review of Industrial Organization, (2014)

Alessandro ACQUISTI, 44(2)

Detecting Click Fraud in Online Advertising: A Data Mining Approach

Journal of Machine Learning Research, (2014)

Richard OENTARYO, Ee-Peng LIM, Michael FINEGOLD, David LO and Feida ZHU, 15(2014)


Valuation of Participation in Social Gaming

International Journal of Electronic Commerce, (2013)

Kwansoo KIM, Byungjoon YOO and Robert J. KAUFFMAN, 18(2)

VAIT: A Visual Analytics System for Metropolitan Transportation

IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, (2013)

Siyuan LIU, Jiansu PU, Qiong LUO, Huamin QU, Lionel M. NI and Ramayya KRISHNAN, 14(4)

Fraud Detection from Taxis’ Driving Behaviors

IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, (2013)

Siyuan LIU, Lionel NI and Ramayya KRISHNAN, PP(99)

Maximum Likelihood Estimation in the Network Model

Annals of Statistics, (2013)

Alessandro Rinaldo , Sonja Petoviƈ and Stephen E. Fienberg, 41(4)

Detecting Crowdedness Spot in City Transportation

IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, (2013)

Siyuan LIU, Yunhuai LI, Lionel NI, Minglu LI and Jianping FAN, 62(4)

Business Intelligence and Analytics: Research Directions

IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, (2013)

Ee-Peng LIM, Hsinchun CHEN and Guoqing CHEN, 3(4),


Who is Retweeting the Tweeters? Modeling Originating and Promoting Behaviors in Twitter Network.

ACM Transactions on Management Information Systems, (2012)

Ee-Peng LIM, Jing JIANG and Tuan-Anh HOANG, 3(3)

Achieving Both Valid and Secure Logistic Regression Analysis on Aggregated Data from Different Private Sources

Journal of Privacy and Confidentiality, (2012)

Yuval NARDI, Stephen FIENBERG and Robert J. HALL, 4(1)

Privacy-Preserving Data Sharing in High Dimensional Regression and Classification Settings

Journal of Privacy and Confidentiality, (2012)

Stephen E. FIENBERG and Jiashun JIN, 4(1)

⁺Privacy and Market Failures: Three Reasons for Concern, and Three Reasons for Hope

Journal on Telecommunications and High Technology Law, (2012)

Alessandro ACQUISTI, Invited paper, 10(227)

⁺The Impact of Relative Judgments on Concern about Privacy. Alessandro ACQUISTI

Journal of Marketing Research, (2012)

Leslie JOHN and George LOEWENSTEIN, 49(2)

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