SISCMULiving Analytics is a new joint research initiative between Singapore Management University (SMU) and Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) to conduct research on behavioural and social network analytics and behavioural experiments so as to discover and harness the laws of information network evolution for networks of people, organisations and businesses. Read more about Research Priorities and Essence of Living Analytics.

Given its interdisciplinary nature, LARC involves faculty and students across the various academic units of SMU and CMU. Learn more about the faculty participating in LARC. The lead academic units coordinating the LARC partnership are the School of Information Systems at SMU and the Heinz College at Carnegie Mellon.

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17 Apr 2014 LARC Seminar on Media, Community, and the Social Photograph by David Ayman SHAMMA. Read More
27 Mar 2014 LARC Seminar on Selective Search of Large Text Collections by Jamie CALLAN. Read More
26 Mar 2014 Research Exhibition: Better Living Through Analytics.
View Exhibition Brief    View Poster
17 Mar 2014 LARC Seminar on Toward Effective yet Impartial Altruism: A Fairness-aware Loan Recommender System for Microfinance Services by
CHEN Kuan-Ta.
Read More
6 Mar 2014 LARC Seminar on Single-Step and Sequential Multi-Agent Decision Making by Hala MOSTAFA. Read More

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New Applications Developed to Enhance Theme Park Experience
ZaoBaoLARC researchers developed smartphone apps to allow tourists to enjoy more rides and attractions at a theme park within limited time. The application also helps enhance the tourists’ experiences by easing the flow of the crowd at the theme park. Read More

LARC Open House
IDAThe Living Analytics Research Centre (LARC) – a collaboration between SMU and Carnegie Mellon University – held an Open House for the public on 26 March 2014, at the SMU Concourse to showcase research and project demos on behavioural and social network analytics, such as the Palanteer System for real-time social-media monitoring and analytics, the Dynamic Experience Management application for theme park and leisure settings, and new Consumer Analytics concepts and applications for the telecoms industry. Read More

LARC Bulletin – Issue 4, March 2014
LARC BulletinThe New Issue of our Newsletter – The LARC Bulletin (Issue 4, March 2014) is Now Out! Read More

The Infocomm Development Authority Expands Singapore’s Capabilities in Data Analytics
IDAThe Data Innovation Challenge is an initiative by IDA to connect User Enterprises and Data Providers with Data Specialists, ICT companies, Research Institutes, and IHLs to develop prototypes, proof-of-concepts and analytics solutions for data-driven commercial problems. More than 300 entries were received and six prototypes were shortlisted in the first challenge issued by DSM Engineering Plastics. The Living Analytics Research Centre team from Singapore Management University won Round 1 with a predictive sales forecasting model that was the most accurate and innovative. Read More

Personal Data Protection Act
ZbCommaEvery person has a different opinion about how much his or her personal data is worth. While there are people who are reluctant to share any personal data (especially when their jobs are related to security and law enforcement), there are also many who do not mind sharing anything with others. Good examples of the latter include celebrities, teenagers, bloggers, etc.. The monetary value of personal data is related to how much benefit and risk it can bring to its owner, how much comfort it can bring to other users, and how much revenue it can bring to the organizations using it.

Research has shown that younger users do not normally value their personal data as much as older users. Research has also shown that one can easily give away personal data for gratification or convenience (e.g., google search, facebook social networking, Amazon’s product recommendations, etc.). Read More

SMU Team Wins Round 1 of DSM’s Data Innovation Challenge
DSMLaunched in June 2013, the Data Innovation Challenge provides a platform for organisations to crowd-source and develop analytics solutions to address complex data-driven business challenges. It brings together user enterprises with data providers, data scientists, ICT companies who will collaborate with research institutes and institutions of higher learning to develop proof-of-concepts and test out the prototypes or working models to address the user enterprises’ business challenges.

The winning solution came from Team Davidlowjw, which comprised of Research Engineer Mr David Low and Research Scientist Dr Richard Oentaryo from the Living Analytics Research Centre, Singapore Management University. Read More

Studying The Science Of Happiness
AsianScientist MagazineAssociate Professor Christie SCOLLON at the SMU School of Social Sciences has been studying cultural differences in subjective wellbeing for more than a decade. In addition to her studies on subjective wellbeing, Professor SCOLLON collaborated in June this year with the Living Analytics Research Centre (LARC) to study how Singaporeans responded to the severe haze that shrouded the country. The LARC team analysed data generated by about 130,000 Twitter public users in Singapore to derive real-time insights about people’s reactions to the haze. Read More

Winners of DSM Sales Forecasting Challenge
DSMOur heartiest congratulations to David LOW Jia Wei and Richard Jayadi OENTARYO who were presented with the first prize for the DSM Sales Forecasting Challenge, a data mining and predictive sales forecasting challenge that took place in the form of a presentation to DSM’s business leaders. View Award Certification

PTC’14 Young Scholars Program
PTC'14LARC is delighted to announce that our Research Scientist, Dr. DAI Bing Tian has been selected as one of the young scholars for the PTC’ 14 Young Scholars Program. PTC’s Young Scholar Program aims to recognize, encourage, and support up-and-coming scholars in the field of information and communication technologies (ICTs). Dr DAI has been invited to present his research paper at PTC’s 36th consecutive annual conference, which will take place in Honolulu, Hawaii from 19 – 22 January 2014.

LARC Faculty Participation in Asia Pacific Economic Forum
The PiperLARC faculty members and representatives from university locations and programs in Australia and Singapore presented at a technology roundtable to kick off this week’s 48th Meeting of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum Telecommunications (APEC TEL) and Information Working Group in Honolulu. Read More

Advertorial: Making Data Relevant to Business
The Business TimesSingapore Management University (SMU) undergraduates started the current academic year in August, they could choose a new subject as their second major: analytics. This prepares them for widely sought-after jobs and professional roles. They can pick up skills in processing, managing, analysing and making sense of large amounts of data, in addition to pursuing their bachelors… Read More

Nature Special Issue – Singapore Feature: Taking Care of the Big Picture, Innovative Approaches to Future Urban Solutions
Nature Publishing GroupThe Living Analytics Research Centre (LARC) is mentioned in a special feature article of the Nature magazine that documents the rapid development of Singapore into a dynamic and globally important economy with a prominent international profile in banking, electronics, biomedical engineering and advanced science and technological innovation. Read More

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